About Dawn

Using various media Dawn works towards composites from the views that she finds coming out of landscape. Her studies of the land have resulted in distillations that intend to communicate ideas about responses to these landscapes rather than to topographical representation. In the years before returning to live in Buxton, she developed mental habits of visiting on paper, focussing on places she was not able to be in physically. Personal reference is at the heart of this work, but it is a personal reference that manages to avoid the overly sentimental or nostalgic; with her childhood that provides the richest resource.

Her aim is to bring into focus the essence of place; to evoke the history of the land. Her work examines the evidence of people and things, the fields, trees and material that has been manipulated, all providing the evidence of life scratching its living, perhaps under stresses like weather, often cold and windy. Although this might all sound like stress, it is in fact enjoyment and exploration, and is characterized by PATTERN and COLOUR and indeed GREAT PLEASURE.

Dawn’s work finds its way onto cards in five sizes. Being part of the creative process , suing paper, card etc in a selection of types and colours they are not standardised.

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